Quantifying SDS-PAGE bands

Quantifying bands on SDS-PAGE using ImageJ

The below video shows you how to use ImageJ to quantify bands on a SDS-PAGE gel image. In this example, bands are normalized to the total protein in the lane.

Here you can download the sample gel image from the video to practice with. Note that many commercial gel docs, like Bio-rad, come with software for quantifying SDS-PAGE bands. In contrast, ImageJ is a free alternative that can work with any gel images including ones generated with an office scanner. Almost the same procedure in the video can be used for quantifying nucleic acid gels or even features on non-gel images.

One thought on “Quantifying SDS-PAGE bands”

  1. Hello Rahul
    I watched the video you’ve shared on youtube about how to use imageJ to analyze WB results. Thank you for that. I’m using KQ imager which is very similar to imagej but is a bit simpler. My question is when I have my housekeeping protein is in a different file (or film) than the protein of interest, how I can analyze it?
    For example, when I have to strip my membrane and expose it again, how I can analyze results in two different files together (housekeeping protein already exposed and membrane after stripping)? If I merge images, can I still trust the result?

    Thank you

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