DNA extraction – improved phenol:chloroform method

DNA extraction (PCI) of PCR or other enzyme reactions

Phenol:Chloroform:Isoamyl alcohol (25:24:1) (PCI) DNA extraction can be used to clean up DNA from pretty much any sample. After trying lots of methods like kits with columns, I prefer the PCI method over any other method for applications like PCR purification. This PCI method gives better yield than column based methods and the DNA is suitable for any application like sequencing, ligating, or Gibson Assembly. The video below describes an improved PCI extraction that gives the best yield and purity, is very fast, and costs next to nothing.

Advantages of this Phenol:Chloroform DNA Extraction

  • Results in DNA of high yield and purity.
  • Fast
  • Cheap (costs just a few cents including tubes)
  • Eco-friendly. Produces much less plastic waste than column based methods. Produces 10 times less phenol:chloroform waste than traditional PCI methods.
  • Extremely scalable. Works for any range between femtograms and milligrams of DNA.

Down load a printable phenol:chloroform DNA extraction protocol here.

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