About us

photo of Rahul PatharkarMy name is Rahul Patharkar. I created this website because I want to rapidly share my technical expertise with anyone who is interested. I have found publishing method papers is too slow and does not give me freedom of format. It is tough to get started in science. I am trying to reduce the entry barrier into life sciences by providing well tested reliable life science protocols in print and video form. Over time I hope to capture most of my technical skills on this website. My wife and I hope that at the minimum this site will be useful for training young researchers. These protocols could also be used as a supplement for laboratory courses.

Cathy Espinoza PatharkarMy name is Catherine Espinoza Patharkar. I am a college professor that developed research-based laboratory classes for my Genetics and Cell Molecular Biology courses. It is difficult to teach molecular techniques to 25 students at the same time. With that in mind, I use these molecular biology video protocols in my classes to teach more effectively to each one of my students.


I am always trying to add new content to this site. Protocols are being added based on how commonly used the protocol is. As time progresses, I hope to eventually put more advanced protocols on this site. You could help me to chose protocols for videos by giving us suggestions in the comment section of this page.

We are looking for experts that want to help

Perhaps you are an expert in a really useful method? We would be happy top add your videos and protocols to this site if you would like to share them. Of course, you would be retain all rights to your content. Additionally, your authorship would be clearly displayed. My wife and I have figured out a number of techniques to make our videos look better that we would be happy to share. Unfortunately, we have no professional video crew. However, we are getting decent video quality with a Olympus XL-10 that has image stabilization. Additionally, we further stabilize the videos by using Deshaker 3.1 (which is free). Video editing is performed with Shotcut.

I feel traditional publishing is too slow. Additionally, publishing companies are taking too much power away from scientists. They charge us incredible fees for both publishing and subscribing to their journals. Even worse, the big publishing companies basically get to dictate what science scientists do because our careers are defined by what journals we publish in. Perhaps a hundred years ago journals were necessary. However, today there are alternate avenues to share scientific content. Videos are certainly a superior way to teach scientific methodology than print.