Tobacco Agroinfiltration – Transient Transformation

Transient Transformation of Wild Tobacco by Agroinfiltration

Transiently transforming Nicotiana benthamiana (wild tobacco) by agroinfiltration is an easy way to quickly express genes for protein localization or gene function studies. This video shows you how to perform tobacco agroinfiltration.

Download a written protocol for Tobacco Agroinfiltration here.

Gel purification – Freeze & Squeeze method

Very fast gel purification by freeze & squeeze

Gel purification by the Freeze & Squeeze method is probably the fastest way to get DNA out of a gel. This gel purification method is also the least labor intensive method. The video below shows you how to make filters for Freeze & Squeeze gel extraction and how to perform the extraction

Advantages of the Freeze & Squeeze gel purification method

  1. Very fast (just over 8 minutes)
  2. Minimally labor intensive
  3. Very cheap (about 4 cents)

Download a print protocol for the Freeze and Squeeze Gel Extraction here.